Topping the Curve

07: Sephora Grey, How to Secure a Big Law Job Your 1L Year

May 26, 2021 Sephora Grey Season 1 Episode 7
Topping the Curve
07: Sephora Grey, How to Secure a Big Law Job Your 1L Year
Show Notes

On today’s episode of Topping the Curve I talk all about big law and securing a big law job your 1L year.

I begin with a general overview of what firms are considered big law firms and what exactly big law is. I then move into factors that you should consider when deciding if big law is for you. You’ll hear about debt considerations, training, and experience, and probably most importantly, exit opportunities. You will also get to hear about the downsides to big law and factors that might make someone not want to get into the big law life. 

After the big law overview I get into the details of how to prepare yourself to secure a big law position. Here you will hear how to create a list of firms to apply to and you will hear about the websites that you should be using throughout the process. I also talk about your materials and what you will need to make sure you have ready when it comes time to apply. 

I then move into timing. I talk about when you should apply, how many firms you should apply to, and at what point you should stop.

Lastly, I tie it all together and by this point you will have a full understanding of the big law process and securing a job your 1L year. 

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