Topping the Curve

16: Sabrina Pearce, Public Interest Career Paths

August 25, 2021 Sephora Grey Season 1 Episode 16
Topping the Curve
16: Sabrina Pearce, Public Interest Career Paths
Show Notes

In this episode of Topping the Curve I interview Sabrina Pearce, a 3L at Georgetown University Law Center. Sabrina was a law clerk at the MacArthur Justice Center her 1L year and an intern at the Orleans Public Defenders Office  this past summer.

Throughout this episode Sabrina and I talked about how she navigated choosing a law school while knowing that she wanted to work in the public interest. She discusses the factors she considered such as financial aid, the legal field, scholarships, and opportunities available to her at the law school.  

Sabrina then goes on to discuss the pressure she faced while in law school when a lot of her peers were planning to go into the private sector and how much money they would be making. She talked about the importance of staying true to yourself and how she remained strong even in the face of that pressure.  

After discussing what public interest is and the many options people have, Sabrina discusses how difficult it can be to secure a job in the public interest sector and talks about project fellowships, organizational fellowships, and using job fairs and job boards to find a position post-grad. In this discussion, Sabrina also mentions the DOJ honors program and other honors programs that students can apply to. 

Lastly, to help in the job search, Sabrina gives interview tips and suggests getting experience early on in law school through pro bono, volunteer experience, and externships; particularly to show your devotion to the public interest. 

Feel free to keep up with Sabrina on Linkedin: Sabrina Pearce

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